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Will Ladino Clover is widely adapted, high-yielding, large-leafed perennial clover that makes an excellent choice for pastures and hay. It is fairly long-lived in the upper South and Northern regions and a bit more short-lived (somewhat annual) in the lower south. Developed jointly by the USDA and North Carolina State University, this leafy legume will grow 8-12 inches tall with large, nutritious, non-hairy leaves and clustered heads of white flowers. Will is also known for excellent stolon (runner) development and establishment, great regrowth following grazing, superior winterhardiness and competitiveness against weeds. To plant, broadcast at a rate of 4-6 lb./A for pure stands and 2-4 lb./A with tall fescue, orchardgrass, or Kentucky bluegrass in September-October. Under favorable growing conditions, white clover can shade out seedling grasses so it may be necessary to graze the clover to reduce competition. Established grass pastures can be overseeded in October-November or February-March. *