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About Us

Opening in 1931, the Winchester Co-Op location was the start of our cooperative long before the two now branches had joined together. The Winchester location was then located on the corner of Cameron Street & Boscowen Street - by the railroad track that was once there. It might be hard to remember those times that were so much simpler; but all feed, seed and farm supplies were brought in by those railroad tracks. Winchester Co-Op was a booming business at that time even through the economic hardships our country had endured in previous decades. A short few years later, in 1934, Stephens City had its own feed and seed store located on Route 11, right in the heart of the town. It was the go-to place for all locals at the time - not just farmers. Both locations worked tremendously hard to provide the best service it could to their cooperative members.

In years to come, the economy in Frederick County grew, bringing in new businesses and new people to our rural valley. With new technology and new businesses, opportunities arose for other parts of the economy to grow. In the 1950’s there was a petroleum outlet stationed in Winchester, which was a growing need for our area. Because of this large growth, all three locations joined together to become the cooperative you now know. In 1964, the Winchester location moved to its current location on Amherst Street. Soon after, the Stephens City location moved further down Route 11 - away from the downtown traffic; and, at last, the petroleum outlet joined and conducted business at the Stephens City store in the 1970’s.

Together they became a cooperative that not only provides feed, seed & fertilizer, but also lawn, garden, fuel, and outdoor products. Both locations have experienced years of loss and years of growth - years of steady change to years of where it felt things would never change. Managers have come and gone, each leaving their own unique mark on our cooperative. We are continuously learning, growing, thriving, and adjusting to times and industry hurdles. Today we have over 40 employees who work day in and day out to provide our loyal customers, whether they are large producers, hobby farmers or the homeowner, the best possible service. We pride ourselves in not only being the best but as well as providing knowledge and the best possible price. We thank our customers for the continued support, trust and loyalty in our cooperative. Without you, we would not be able to do what we do.