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Quest Gel Paste 1 Dose

Quest is a clear gel that melts almost instantly in the horses mouth. No more spit-out paste or wasted medication. Quest is a single-dose clear gel formulation that is highly acceptable to horses and controls all stages of the most common and economically significant worms and bots, in just 4 treatments per year. Quest contains the active ingredient moxidectin, a new generation of anthelmintic which is in a different drug class than ivermectin-based products. Moxidetin is used worldwide for worm and bot control in horses and for worm, grub, lice and mite control in cattle. Quest has been proven to kill encysted cyathostomes while they are in the gut wall. This prevents encysted cyathostomes from emerging and creating the potential for intestinal damage and disease, including colic, diahhrea, bleeding and weight loss. Quest is the only product labeled to control encysted small strongyles.