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Homestead Harvest Soy-Free 16% Layer Blend 40lb


This blend of Non-GMO cracked grains is a complete layer feed made without soy or corn. This feed is fortified with minerals and additional calcium to ensure quality eggshells. A higher level of omega 3's is added through linseed (flax) oil to produce omega 3 enriched eggs. This feed may be fed to any type of laying birds including chickens, ducks, and all types of waterfowl. Know exactly what is in your birds diet with this soy free/corn free, Non-GMO chicken feed.

Whole Grain Based - No Byproducts.
Multiple Species of Live Probiotics.
Prebiotics to prevent toxin contamination.
Essential Oils & Herbs
Linseed Oil, a source of omega 3's.
Kelp, a natural source of vital minerals and vitamins.
Includes Diatomaceous Earth and Oyster Shell.